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Just curious. I recently got an email from them claiming that a customer of ours have nominated my company for our excellence. We DO have a really stellar reputation so I would not be surprised but it raises a few questions about this:
- Did this REALLY happen?
- Is it REALLY free? I am INSTANTLY skeptical when a company finds me and says, let me do something for you for FREE (yeah, sure)!
- What is their "deal"?
- This looks like a new business altogether (based on their website which is )

Anyone heard about this company? Should I proceed with their nomination process? I looked into it and the information they want from us is really basic and can be found online about us, so that's fine.

I guess if they are not asking for my CC info, then I don't have anything to lose, right?
What is your opinion?

Any input is appreciated.

My 2 cents:
I can never tell whether something happened or not and I don't think anyone in this forum will be able to tell you... If you have a great business (as you say), then surely, it is a possibility.
I don't know the business so I am unsure and I agree with you. Nothing is really FREE in this world, right?
I went to their site and it has a pretty detailed FAQ that tells you how they make money. From what I gathered, they are a marketing company and just like other online services, they have a free service and they have premium services so this sounds reasonable. I agree with you that as long as they don't ask for any payment information, then you are in good shape and don't have anything to lose.
They do look like a new(er) business but that doesn't mean anything.

I would say: IF (!!!) they don't ask for payment or your card, then go ahead and proceed with the process and report back so that others will know as well.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, I appreciate your insights.


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